Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blog Makeover Giveaway Winners!

So major thanks to each and every one of you that entered my giveaway!
I'm so stoked to be able to work on graphic design again in this community.
I have my fingers crossed for some really amazing inspiration and results.

And because I was so amped, 
I decided not only to give away two makeovers, as advertised,
but bump it up to three!

Y'all are so awesome
and I'm stoked to be slowly circulating once again in these circles.
So congratulations are in order to:

Brenda M!
and last but not least,
Pamela M B!

I will be emailing you all shortly with the details,
and thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway once again!
Looking forwards to sharing some stellar designs created for these
amazing winners!

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